How hard is it to be in the moment?

I promised myself this New Years Eve to always remember to be in the moment, and it is a struggle with all the negativity around us today. BUT we need to put our thoughts in to the beauty and amazement that is around us, we just have to LOOK to see it. Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, to look at folks even in your own neighborhood..children..pets..the sky..trees.

Even smells can make your day better when we pay attention. The way a lawn smells after it’s been water or after a hard rain. One of my favorites it the way the beach smells between the ocean and the sunscreen..hummm ALWAYS makes me smile. Or even to hear the wind blowing, children laughing & that GREAT song playing.

How about listening and looking for that be in the moment day…hour or even that second. I promise peace will follow to help calm that monkey mind.