Welcome to GotSaimee! And what does our Saimee logo and this site stand for you ask?…well simply put it means “As One”. Simple enough right?

GotSaimee is a platform..a movement..its a community to share awareness..knowledge..advise/support..direction with no judgement & maybe even just to listen. 

We are all in this thing called “life” so why not make it better together.

We all have our GotSaimee relationships.

Strength in who we are and what we stand for

“As One”

  •  Soul mates- Friendship- Love- Bond. 
  •     Thoughts-Views-Values-Trust-Virtue.
  •                       A family unit(not just blood)-Integrity-Honesty.                      
  • Color-Creed-Religion-Unity.

          With all your Heart…Soul…Mind…Body.

A portion of the profits from our GotSaimee shop will go to:

Children – helping those children who may not have had,  to Have.

Animals – who give unconditionally.

The Elderly – who have given us our pasts, in hopes for a better future.